Totum Project is a multi-disciplinary Design Studio with an extensive network of Italian resources.   

We seek to push creative ideas while aligning them with the history and values of the terroir. 

Ria Dunn, our designer, has over 20 years of experience in the world of fashion but pushes beyond by applying her design skills and sensibility to the world of interiors, textiles, artisanal objects and plant work. In addition, our Studio offers the opportunity to collaborate and co-create for selective projects. We invite you to contact us.

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We see the world with the eyes of a nostalgic futurist, a person that looks to the future to create new, positive worlds by bringing with them the values and memories of the past.  We re-interpret existence and experience through clean, minimalist creations where our materials and forms convey emotion and craftsmanship. 

We embrace the beauty of imperfection, the balance of raw and refined, natural and industrial while reflecting on how our process and what we create needs to exist in harmony with our environment.


To create meaningful and beautiful things, we must look at the quality of the “materia”, or the ingredients that make up that object. We firmly believe in returning to the origins of natural fibres and materials and using them in their purest form. The imperfections intrinsic to natural elements allow things to be unique and ultimately communicate emotion and sensation. We celebrate the imperfect forms made by nature and seek to recreate this through our harvesting, weaving, dying, cutting and creating.  

We are constantly listening and curious about the wild elements surrounding us and we seek minimalist, modern interpretations of our natural world.

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At TOTUM STUDIO, we can work on custom-tailored ideas that can help you bring quality and creativity to your own projects. We can develop textiles, garments and objects made in Italy with our standards of sustainability, ethics while collaborating with local artisans and producers of the highest quality.

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