To keep your beloved Totum pieces with you for as long as possible we're offering an 8-year warranty on our Home collection pieces and a 1-year warranty on our Apparel collection

To ensure you can benefit of your Totum warranty even if you have bought your piece at a partner retailer please: 

  • Send us an email with your new Totum Purchase receipt so we can include you on our product warranty list. 
  • In order for us to fulfill a warranty you must be on our warranty list or provide a proof of purchase with the original date of purchase clearly visible.  

Contact us when there's a sign of wear or inevitable damage; attach pictures and explain the issue.

Our team will work together to evaluate each case individually to suggest or find solutions that best extend the life of your investment: from care advice to extra fabric and instructions for repair -or- return labels for professional repairs depending on severity.


    We're committed to taking responsibility for Totum products regardless of whether or not you are under warranty. If you would like to dispose responsibly of your product, we will take it back and re-use or recycle it. After you've reached out to us here, we'll give you instructions for the return and give you a 5% discount on your next purchase. 

    Image of a pattern with our tag on it, on a work table with scissors and extra fabrics.