For us, environmental wellness begins in our most intimate spaces. The sacred spaces where you take time for yourself, practise self-care rituals, experience your most intimate moments and rest. So naturally, we focused our energy on re-thinking the textiles that spend the most time against our skin: our sheets.


At Totum, we always design from the nostalgic futurist's perspective, a person who looks to the future to create new, positive worlds by bringing the values of the past. 

The inspiration for our sheets comes from the traditional heavyweight Italian sheets from the 1800s. 

Our sheets feature a satin weave of cotton and linen. We wanted to create a rich sheet reminiscing the thickness and character of linen or antique hemp while also having the smooth, soft feel of more modern cotton sheeting. 

The side of the sheet that goes against your skin is an extra soft, subtly shimmering cotton satin. Like silk, it creates a lot less friction on your skin and hair while you sleep compared to a cotton percale sheet. 

The other side is linen, which gives the richness movement and texture to our heritage sheets. The plus side is that our sheets won't stretch out as linen sheets usually do.

The result is a luxurious set of sheets to welcome you and cuddle your skin in bed every night.




Sandstone / Washed Black / White / Dye-Less

Our dye-less colour means that the sheets are undyed, and the colour you get is the natural colour of cotton and linen yarns-pure and untreated. 

Dye-less is the healthiest option for you and the environment. We skip the dyeing process entirely, meaning there are no chemicals and less water used to make these sheets. 

For those who prefer a bit of neutral colour, we have sandstone and washed black colourways, which are unique and dramatic. 

These sheets are garment dyed and stonewashed. The stonewash finish creates an uneven textured and faded finish. From afar, the sheet colours are soft, minimal and when you get closer, you see a beautiful texture similar to stone. 

It's important to note that every sandstone or washed black sheet is one of a kind due to the artisanal wash technique. The imperfection and variations of dye and texture are precious parts of the artisanal dye process.  

The more you wash your heritage sheets the fibres will break down and the sheets will become fluid, almost liquid like. Wash them separately, turned inside out, and if you feel up to it they love a strong iron-that accentuates the satin. 



Our sheets are woven in Treviso by a family business weaving since the 1950s. They are sewn and dyed in Prato, Tuscany. 

In the end, we've created a luxurious bed sheet collection that will get better with every wash and last a very long time. Because we believe your skin, your bed and your intimate moments deserve the best experience.

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