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All our fabrics are available for custom orders.
Woven, sewn and dyed in Italy

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002 Distressed Velvet

We created this velvet which transforms when woven with linen. This velvet has a sensual touch and beautiful movement, accented by our artisanal and certified dye process that brings a distressed and unique colour treatment—creating a highly experimental textile and a very sensual experience.

/ 55% Linen, 45% Viscose
/ GOTS certified process
/ Recycled water in production
/ 100% green energy facility

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008 Fine Linen and Cotton

Our fine linen and cotton is a special jacquard weave. The uneven jacquard is meant to recreate the texture of stone and rock you find in nature. The textile is died in object to allow for more colour consistency. This specific fabric was inspired by the turkish bath towels and ancient greek rituals.

/ 55% Linen and 45% Cotton
/ Biodegradable and recyclable fabric

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015 Cashmere and Hemp

Hemp is the most important material we work with because it’s a naturally organic and anti-bacterial fiber that requires very little water and energy to cultivate. Here it is woven with virgin Cashmere in a double structure that when washed gives a rich movement and body. We uniquely blend Hemp with Cashmere to give Hemp a new modern context.

/ 63% Hemp, 37% Cashmere
/ Biodegradable fabric

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We focus on generating as little negative impact as possible. For the most sustainable option choose the dye-less colorway, minimising chemicals and water usage in production.

We have clear objectives capturing the steps we are taking to create with respect to the world and people around us. Do you want to collaborate or have any questions, ask us for more details.

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