At Totum Project, we believe in making a conscious choice to bring the natural world into our homes, bodies, and persona through design pieces created with care, integrity and mystery. We design without the boundaries of an inner and outer world and focus on the dialogue we can create between the two.

Our intimate spaces, what we sleep in and what we wear are all second skins that, when created carefully with respect for certain values, can contribute to our quality of life and daily experiences.


"Throughout my life and work as a designer I have discovered that there are no actual boundaries between our inner and outer worlds."

- Ria Dunn, Founder


We create experiences that aim to connect us with the environment surrounding us, whether within you, your home or out in the world. We believe that the spaces we live in and interact with have a profound effect on our inner and outer well-being. We hope that through creating a stronger connection to our environment and self, we will all become better protectors of the nature we depend on.


To create meaningful and beautiful things, we must look at the quality of the “materia”, or the ingredients that make up that object. We firmly believe in returning to the origins of natural fibres and materials and using them in their purest form. The imperfections intrinsic to natural elements allow things to be unique and ultimately communicate emotion and sensation.
We celebrate the imperfect forms made by nature and seek to recreate this through our weaving of textiles, careful selection of materials, dyeing and finishing.

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Our Design Studio is based in Tuscany, Italy. This is where we combine together the minimal and introspective DNA of our designer Ria Dunn with the incredible know-how of artisans and producers of the local area. We believe these relationships need to be nurtured. By being open to the craftsman, the designer can go deeper in exploring the creative process. This partnership is critical in how we work. We have almost two decades of experience and have a network of passionate, dedicated people working with us to create our unique pieces.
Totum is also working on creating a network of global artisans where we can research, design and discover other cultures throughout the world.

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Inspired by nature, we create useful, meaningful and long-lasting objects.
We are deeply aware that we need to re-imagine, rethink and reinvent the industrial and agricultural processes that have paved our history until now. As a young company, we consider how we create and make our products within the possibilities we have today to have the lowest impact possible on the planet and utmost respect for the artisans who work with us.

Reaching this goal is a process and a journey. Here are a few of the steps we are taking today: 

/ Natural fibres woven by Italian artisans.
/ 100% Italian production.
/ Measuring our impact to create 
sustainability targets
/ We use dead-stock fabrics from 
/ Global Organic Textile Standard
 (GOTS)          certifications where possible.
/ Dye-less colorways minimise chemical and water    usage.
/ Recyclable and compostable packaging.
/ Plastic-free.



True sustainability is almost impossible because the process of constant consumption is not sustainable simply by its nature.

We have an earnest dedication to the environment. We seek to understand and make the best choices through every step of creating and producing.

Aligning our business with our values is a ongoing process. Next to all our efforts to make the most sustainable choices, we also give 1% of our annual sales to 1% for the Planet®, making sure we give back to nature and the community.