Our founder and creative director, Ria Dunn, explains her inspirations behind the collection and how she designs and shares her favorite looks to wear daily. 

As designers, our DNA manifests through our hands, which becomes our signature. An accumulation of our experiences in life, our creative pathways that, after many years of honing our craft, form a specific characteristic.

At this point in my life, as a designer, it is not a trend or aesthetic exercise that motivates or inspires me but working to evoke human emotion through clothing, cloth, or the creation of our intimate spaces.

When designing this collection, I focused on wanting to free the body. I want to remove the separation between our spaces and bodies... I worked to bring the outer and inner worlds together by trying to break down physical barriers and focusing on experience. I focus on capturing languid softness and breaking down gender boundaries. The collection captures both universes, feminine and masculine but refuses the idea of having a defined territory. The clothing is meant to encourage you to unwind, feel yourself, feel the abundance of rich materials... and radiate.

Through different wash and dye techniques, we mimic the unique textures of stone, of sand, a true testament to the beauty of nature.
Fabrics are fluid and soft, encouraging you to feel comfortable and at ease. Through a minimal color palette, I help reduce the noise of the outer world in my work so that you can find quietness and harmony.

Here are two of my favorite looks: 

I love this first look because it feels like a chic and utterly relaxed suiting, and the head-to-toe silk look feels fantastic against the skin and the way it flows as you walk or catch the wind. 

Three pictures of the first styles Ria Dunn recommends, the shirt jacket, tank top and high waist pants.

From left to right: 

/ Silk Jacket - deconstructed tailoring that looks great on men and women.

/ The Tank Top - a favorite because it is a staple I can wear every day, and the specialness of the stonewash effect makes it unique.

/ The High Waist Pant - Minimal but monumental


For at-home relaxation, I like to be extra comfortable, and still want to feel good - not just slouchy. 

A collage of the three products Ria loves to wear at home, the Sleeveless Kimono, Linen pant and tank top.

 From left to right: 

/ The Sleeveless Kimono - designed for the home but wants to be taken out for a stroll. 

/ Linen Pant - easy to wear pant that I find myself always reaching for. 

/ The Tank Top - again and for the same reasons as above. 

I invite you to not only enjoy the way you look in these pieces but to also focus on the feeling of relaxation and softness that they emanate... allow them to help you feel closer to yourself, wonderful in your own skin.... and encourage more harmony in your daily lives.

Xo Ria Dunn